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#1 2020-05-21 01:22:07

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infinite snowball

so i wantet to make an spleef minigame for my server where I and some friends play but i wantet to have an infinite snow ball that you can trow and woud trow it but you woudnt lose it.
but i coudn`t realy find any working commands for th 1.15 that woud fix my isue.
i woud greatly apriciate if someoen coud help. smile


#2 2020-05-21 01:33:18

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Re: infinite snowball

create a score like this
scoreboard objectives add test minecraft.used:minecraft.snowball

the commands would be something like these
execute as @a[scores={test=1..}] run give @s minecraft:snowball
scoreboard players set @a test 0

I ran a few tests and it seems to work fine as a chained command block setup, but it acts odd when the player drops their snowball. It seems to work fine in a function inside a datapack though.


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