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AMAZING TAB |v 10.61

⚡️ ( It comes with 20 colors! For Factions, SkyBlock & Hub <3 ) ⚡️ config For Free

>> Updated a plugin!

Added bukkit bridge mode for PlaceholderAPI support on bungee. Needs to be enabled in advancedconfig.yml - this turns the entire plugin on bukkit into bridge only and won't handle anything else
        Added automatic installation of used but not installed PlaceholderAPI expansions.
        Added command tab-complete
        Added automatic config conversion from old values to new ones
        Added option to assign groups to players by permissions. New advancedconfig.yml option assign-groups-by-permissions needs to enabled, then give players appropriate<groupname> permission. Plugin gets list of permissions to check for from primary-group-finding-list in the same order.
        Added %canseeonline% and %canseeonline_<server>% placeholders for bungee
        Added /tab playeruuid <name of online player> <property> [value] subcommand saving uuids of players instead of names
        Added version check to Velocity and user-friendly message when version isn't compatible
        Added extra code to compensate for 1.8.0 client sided bug making tabprefix not appear on join. No more complaints from people who didn't read the spigot page and refuse to update their hacks.
        Added %luckperms-prefix% and %luckperms-suffix% placeholders - useful on bungeecord where you don't have Vault to use %vault-prefix% and suffix
        Added option for world groups in per-world-playerlist
        Added direct UltraPermissions support (useful on bungeecord where you don't have vault)
        Added ingame message when /tab reload fails due to a broken configuration file
        Fixed glow color not working on bungee
        Fixed error on Travertine and HexaCord with 1.7 clients
        Fixed "luckperms" detection not working on Velocity (plugin was looking for "LuckPerms" instead - but velocity doesn't allow upper case in plugin names)
        Fixed relational placeholders not working when used in an animation
        Fixed a per-world-playerlist bug
        Fixed unlimited nametag mode still working a little bit in disabled worlds
        Minor improvements and new misconfiguration detections
        Refresh intervals are not in milliseconds instead of ticks for refreshing as server tick rate isn't being used for a long time, config will automatically convert into new one
        Improved yaml error assistant
        PlaceholderAPI placeholders will now return last known value if an error occurs when parsing them instead of showing raw placeholder
        Plugin will now automatically add %eglow_glowcolor% at the end of tagprefix of groups when eGlow plugin is installed since people can't read the compatibility guide.
        modify-npc-names, do-not-move-spectators and global-playerlist no longer require "change-tablist-prefix-suffix: true"

⊱ Amazing TAB config

It's fully animated & configurable with tons of features like Tab Prefixes, NameTag Prefixes and even sorts players per group they are on tablist...

★ TAB | You can find all informations about player's statistic, Domain of your server, How many players is online & The faction the player is in!
★ FULLY CONFIGURABLE | Yes you can configure everything even Animations, TabPrefixes & NameTags!
★ ANIMATIONS | I'm sure your players will love your tab because it has beautiful animations not just the Tab even TabPrefixes & NameTag!
★ MULTIPLE COLORS | The config comes with 10 colors for now soon more to be added! ( Orange Red Blue Purple Yellow Green etc.. )
★ AFK SYSTEM | If the player is AFK more than a couple of minutes the player will get a suffix on Tab Prefix & NameTag Prefix which is something what most of the servers don't have!

°•| List of ranks:

    ✤ Requirements:
    》In order to use this configuration, you need to have this plugins!

    °•| TAB [Free] … orn.57806/
    °•| PlaceHolderApi [Free] … ceholders/
    °•| ASkyBlock [Free] ⇨ SkyBlock
    °•| FactionsUUID [Premium] ⇨ Factions

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